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Defining portfolio value that stands out from the competition

The challenge

A global franchise team faced the challenge of increased competition all with similar portfolios of brands. They wanted to define how they could stand for something that was differentiated, but more importantly, resonated with their customers.

What we did

  • Used existing knowledge and information to develop a set of overarching customers needs: 3 for patients; 3 for physicians and 3 for payers
  • Designed a workshop approach that enabled them to look at themselves from the outside in. Reflecting customer views and needs together with a critical look at the competition.
  • Facilitated them to create the value proposition for each of their competitors and then use this to define what they stood for that was different and would resonate with customers
  • Helped them to validate there promise and messages with customers to ensure they would be able to activate against them
Customer needs

The results

A clear, compelling value proposition that lives within the company and resonates externally.

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