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Identifying challenges and opportunities for a leading cardiovascular brand, in a highly competitive market.

The Challenge

A global team needed to identify and align team members behind the key issues and growth opportunities of a brand whose leadership position was threatened, and to inspire team members to develop a strategy and plan.

What we did

We reviewed in excess of 50 client documents, including market research, digital trends, sales and performance tracking, and distilled them into a situation analysis with succinct insights, a clear story and draft recommendations on the key challenges.

We worked closely with the Insight team and supported the engagement of the wider team through a series of internal interviews and discussion with the leadership team.

We designed and ran a workshop to define the key brand challenges based on the insights, bringing the voice of the customer and the reality of the market situation to ensure that the results would enable a more competitive brand strategy.

Brand challenges

The result

Five brand challenges were identified, which, when addressed, will help the brand compete more effectively. The team took these forward as the foundation for their brand planning process.

Work with our team: