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Creating a coherent brand strategy, via a rigorous process, to ensure deep understanding of the customer journey.

The challenge

A global brand team approaching the launch of a new formulation and device of an existing brand needed to create a coherent and compelling brand strategy with limited resources.

What we did

  1. Reviewed the existing brand strategy, recommending a core story flow based on answering 5 key strategic questions
  2. Synthesised their existing information to create an insightful customer journey and a set of customer behaviour change needs across multiple customer types (patient, pulmonologist and payer)
  3. Supported and challenged the global team together with the markets to identify the key knowledge gaps and important actions that would drive launch success
  4. Guided the team to agree on the patient segmentation that would clearly position the brand and help tell the brand story
  5. Facilitated the team to ensure clear differentiation vs existing and other future treatments

The results

A simple and coherent brand strategy based on deep customer understanding within a complex decision making environment, clear positioning and differentiation and clarity about the required customer behaviour changes.

Work with our team: