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As a certified B Corp we measure and regularly review our social and environmental performance, looking at the impact it has on our company and our wider community. We are a near virtual organisation, and we have many long standing relationships with our suppliers, a number of whom are local to the one office that we have. We keep our travel to a minimum wherever possible, and the carbon emissions that are produced from our travel are offset regularly through Climatecare.

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On December 11, 2019, at the UN Climate Change Conference, COP25, in Madrid, over 500 B Corps took the stage and publicly committed to accelerate the reduction of their greenhouse gas emissions to reach a 1.5 degree trajectory leading to net zero by the year 2030—20 years ahead of the 2050 targets set in the Paris Agreement. In the weeks that followed, hundreds more have joined their ranks, with additional companies signing up daily.

This commitment to significant carbon reduction leading to a net zero future by 2030 is part of the most aggressive climate action effort by a constituency of businesses in the world and demonstrates true leadership in a time of severe environmental and economic unrest and uncertainty.

Read the full statement here issued by the Certified B Corporation community outlining their commitments, as well as quotes from leaders within the community.


The B Corp Climate Collective is a member organization of the UNFCCC's Race to Zero campaign, which mobilizes cities and organizations to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. As part of this partnership, all Net Zero by 2030 committed B Corps are considered a part of the Race to Zero.

Both the B Corp Climate Collective and the UNFCC Race to Zero campaign are committed to credible commitments to Net Zero. They have created this toolkit, “Get Net Zero Right,” to help us all understand what a credible net zero commitment looks like, including insight into critical topics such as emissions scopes, offsetting, interim targets and immediate action plans. Learn more here.

Or you can join us.

B Corp Community Statement

We are living in unprecedented times. The most important global climate conference to address accelerating climate change and ecological breakdown has been forced to move to the other side of the world four weeks before the event because of the most recent example of a more immediate and growing threat to our global social order, persistent social inequities and increasing inequality.

It is clear to us that these twin crises are being driven, and responses constrained, by an economic system that rewards the single-minded pursuit of profits while untenably externalising environmental and social costs. This results in decisions that prioritize short term financial returns often at the expense of people, communities and the natural world on which all life depends.

As business leaders, we recognize these crises as threats to healthy markets and healthy businesses. As human beings, we recognize these crises as threats to our quality of life and the quality of life of our children and their children.

We will have more to say in the near future about this underlying system failure, but in the context of COP25, we believe the science shows that a 1.5°C increase in average global temperature is the limit to reduce the worst impacts for our planet and its inhabitants, especially communities on the frontlines who will be impacted first and most significantly. At the current trajectory, it is estimated we will reach this limit as early as 2030.

We believe, therefore, that it is imperative for all businesses to demonstrate leadership in eliminating emissions, drawing down carbon, and ensuring a just transition for displaced workers and communities to a net zero emissions economy. In addition, we believe it is imperative to use the power of our collective voice to advocate for policy changes necessary to remove impediments and align incentives that will drive meaningful climate action.

A Commitment to Climate Action

The Certified B Corporation movement is about leadership. All B Corps sign a Declaration of Interdependence stating the belief, "That all business ought to be conducted as if people and place mattered [...] and thus we are responsible for each other and future generations." All B Corps make a legal commitment to conduct business with consideration for the environment and all stakeholders, not just shareholders.

Therefore, the B Corp movement is taking the following urgent actions:

  • Climate Action: Many B Corps around the world are leaders in responding to the climate emergency including following the steps outlined below; we urge the entire global B Corp community to:
    • Declare a Climate Emergency. Use the Climate Emergency Playbook for Business as a roadmap to engage their board and team with the science-based facts and the implications for their business and for society, especially for those most vulnerable.
    • Accelerate Carbon Reduction. Calculate their baseline Scope 1-3 emissions aligned to an independent internationally recognized standard and commit to accelerate their current emissions reduction trajectory using the Climate Action module of the SDG Action Manager to meet the global goals of a 1.5°C average temperature increase.
    • Develop a Net Zero Plan. Offset the remaining carbon emissions to achieve net zero emissions between 2025-2050.
    • Join the B Corp Climate Collective. Become part of a global community of learning and practice regarding climate action, climate justice and climate advocacy.
  • Climate Advocacy: Recognizing that voluntary action by individual businesses is insufficient to address the scale of the climate emergency, we commit to use the power of our collective voice to advocate for policy changes necessary to remove impediments and align incentives to achieve a rapid and just transition to a net zero carbon economy. We will share publicly in 2020 a policy and advocacy strategy for the global B Corp community to support meaningful climate action.
  • Update Our Standards: Recognizing that the performance requirements for B Corp Certification are designed to differentiate leaders, and are also used as a free roadmap and toolkit for action by tens of thousands of other businesses around the world, B Lab will immediately begin to re-evaluate these requirements in the context of the climate emergency and other pressing issues the world faces today. Proposed recommendations based on a public multi-stakeholder engagement process will be made to the independent B Lab Standards Advisory Council.

Today, we affirm our commitment to collective and immediate action to halt and reverse the current climate trajectory and to build an economic system whose purpose is to create shared and durable prosperity for all and for the long term. We not only call on our community of B Corps, but all businesses to champion meaningful climate solutions to secure the health of people and our home planet for future generations.

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Oxford work with Climate and Development experts ClimateCare to offset carbon emissions from our air and road travel. ClimateCare ensure the projects selected not only cut carbon, but alleviate poverty and improve lives. Find out more at

Our air and road travel generates CO2, contributing to climate change, one of the biggest global challenges we face. Working with Climate and Development experts ClimateCare we are supporting projects that cut global carbon emissions and improve people’s lives.

In 2019 we offset 165 tonnes of CO2 with £1,235 going towards ClimateCare’s mixed portfolio of carbon offset schemes, which include providing safe drinking water in Kenya and clean stoves in Ghana.

CookClean: Efficient cookstoves in Ghana

This project is creating a market for locally produced efficient cookstoves which cut emissions, reduce exposure to toxic fumes and decrease fuel bills.

The project provides skilled employment for 350 manufacturers and extra income for over 500 retailers. As well as cutting more that 2 million tonnes of CO2, this project has saved 4.1 million people more than $75million on their fuel bills so far.

Oxford works with Climate and Development experts ClimateCare to support this project and others in the Climate+Care Portfolio.

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Lifestraw water filters - providing safe water in Kenya

The award winning LifeStraw Carbon for Water project provides simple, gravity fed water filters for families in Kenya.

It not only provides safe drinking water to 4 million people, it cuts carbon emissions by removing the need to boil water in order to make it safe to drink.

Oxford work with Climate and Development Experts ClimateCare to support this and other projects in the Climate+Care Portfolio.

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This project brings safe drinking water to more than 4.5m people in Western Kenya, while cutting 2.4m tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

It is one of the largest climate and safe water projects globally. Some 877,505 families use LifeStraw Family water filters to purify water in their home, rather than boiling water for drinking over open fires.

“Nowadays, I am healthy and I carry LifeStraw water wherever I go, so my life has improved healthwise. Stomach complains for me and my family is a long gone history.”

Diana Busuru, Bosio Village

We encourage colleagues, customers and suppliers to take action too. If you would like help with this, please contact to discuss your requirements.