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eCommerce is more important than ever post COVID-19. Are your basics ready?

20th April, 2020


No one would argue that the WHOLE world has changed since we first published a set of articles about optimizing your digital ecosystem.

Everything included in those articles remains relevant EXCEPT… now, there is an extraordinary sense of urgency.

Getting your digital ecosystem right is MORE important than EVER.

And you know WHY… The COVID-19 pandemic will no doubt be a defining moment for this year, this decade, perhaps the century.

The changes in consumer and shopper behaviors we are already witnessing will have a significant impact on how consumers engage with our brands and shop today and tomorrow.

Today’s immediate response revolves around product availability and logistical challenges. The heroes in our industry are on the frontline insuring production and distribution are the most important focus right now – and for that we are in awe of their speed, agility and steadfastness.

As businesses recover, it will be crucial to be prepared for this new consumer omni channel reality and hit the ground running when things get “back to (post COVID-19) normal.”

Download our 20 question checklist here to assess where you may have gaps to address, or strengths to leverage, as you engage with the new consumer and shopper reality.

Some of the macro trends we are already seeing as a result of this worldwide crisis and their implications for your digital ecosystem include:

As we emerge from this crisis, there will be no return to “business as usual.” It will be business as unusual (when compared to the past).

It is often said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. We are already well beyond that 3-week window where new habits are taking shape. Consumers have already experimented multiple times with new brands, categories, social platforms, search techniques, technologies, etc.

Although these new experiences may not have been optimal (due to product availability issues, delivery delays, technological disruptions, etc.), for some this may be a baseline for their experience and therefore their willingness to continue with and tolerate it. Yet, there is the opportunity to significantly improve the consumer encounter… even with the most basic of changes, alterations, additions to our content and programs.

Emerging from the crisis, consumers will expect brands to have supported them throughout this pandemic with appropriate messaging, easy access and availability to product assortment across all channels and formats (especially eCommerce), ease of delivery, clear and complete content, safety assurances, reliability, etc.

They may have even explored new brands within your category and need to be “wooed” back. In any event, it will be JOB #1 to make sure a formula for eCommerce success is followed.

We’ve developed a simple 20 Question Checklist for you to assess if your eCommerce BASICS are ready to satisfy your shoppers and compete effectively with your Digital Ecosystem in a post pandemic consumer world.

If you answer NO or I AM NOT SURE to one (or all) of the questions below, our checklist is for you!

  1. Are your online CONTENT basics driving the growth rates you desire?
  2. Is your SEARCH working hard enough for your brands?
  3. Are you DIFFERENTIATING your brands and building a loyal consumer/shopper base?
  4. Are you properly resourced and COLLABORATING SEAMLESSLY as aligned cross functional teams to optimize your digital ecosystem?

Download our 20 Question Checklist here to assess where you may have gaps to address or strengths to leverage as you engage with the new post COVID-19 consumer and shopper reality.

Let me know your results. Drop me a line at

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