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Increasing R&D spend and application of technological advances:

R&D spend continues to increase driven by greater demands for robust clinical and supporting evidence. For example, a greater range of biological therapies becoming more affordable and therefore accessible to far greater patient numbers.

Improvements in Artificial Intelligence helps physicians win the race against time. For example, transforming the diagnostic and revolutionising medical imaging for early detection.

Leading to increased innovation and approvals of new medicines with more sophisticated functionality and targeted use.

Growing ecosystem of interconnected stakeholders

An increasingly broader range of stakeholders is providing information and opinion in addition to the physician’s experience and knowledge on whether a patient is eligible for treatment.

Treatment decisions are increasingly made in the context of super responsive local treatment protocols decided by local Multi Disciplinary Teams in addition to national guidelines.

The increased complexity of value propositions.

Value propositions need to resonate across many different stakeholder types, and their constantly evolving needs even within one market.

For example, new flexible accelerated regulatory approval processes and advisors who can drive adoption of new treatment protocols help drugs get to market more quickly.

Payer empowered world of value, affordability, and restrictions.

Increasing us of ‘pricing & market access’ models such as pay by use, pay by performance and payer licensing (which requires cost systems to be integrated with clinical performance data)

Prior authorisation and step through requirements are increasingly imposed on physicians prescribing choices (which leads to a greater need for more accurate assessment of real world (vs clinical trial) outcomes to determine value of a brand).

Evolving patient mindset towards healthcare

There is a swell of interest and expectation in the proactive management and prevention of disease. Patients increasingly turn to mobile and wearable technology, to gain access to healthcare. Patients and carers expectations of added value services and solutions continues to increase. Patients continue to devolve decisions regarding diagnosis, and treatment to their HCP.

Healthcare systems struggle to deliver on patient expectations, hence Pharma needs to be more flexible and precise on the total launch package.

So this is what we do

We help healthcare organisations make strategic choices in three areas. And have unrivalled experience in Pharma Capability across a range of scenarios.

Growth plans

Making choices to decide how best to grow, where, with whom and when.

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Winning propositions

Defining why customers will choose you and what you will offer.

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Powerful experiences

Identifying moments that matter, and where, when and how to engage your customers

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On these kind of projects

  • We have developed end to end programmes to revolutionise marketing capability and created deep dives in centres of excellence such as Analysis to Insight, Market Access and Perfect Launch
  • We have delivered extensive digital programmes to immerse whole organisations in next practice ways of working
  • We facilitate compelling live action workshops to optimise brand planning and ensure better strategic thinking at local, regional and global levels
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