We understand the challenges

The landscape of this sector is being redefined every few weeks, due to the phenomenal rate of innovation, new disruptive brand entries and propositions, entering the lives of people every day.

The impact on us as a society is significant, one that we have not faced since the industrial revolution and yet it can be challenging to build sustainable brands.

Only the strongest brands are surviving, who have a clear business strategy and brand strategy, for a differentiated customer experience, that connects in a meaningful way for consumers via technology enabled connections

So this is what we do

We partner with TEC companies, to identify simple actionable growth strategies that build a sustainable, differentiated business, keeping the consumer at the heart.

With these sorts of clients

On these kind of projects

  • Identified sustainable growth plans
  • Created differentiated technology-enabled customer experiences
  • Created behaviour change programs, based on deep and rapid insight discovery
  • Developed ‘Segment Way of Marketing’ for B2C and B2B
  • Developed a ‘way of selling for B2B’
  • Identified an approach and discipline for Concept testing for NPD

Led by these type of people

Laurie Morgan

TEC sector lead

Meet Laurie

Annabel Cameron


Meet Annabel

Ana Divinagracia


Meet Ana

Jon Plant

Digital practice lead

Meet Jon

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