Uniquely experienced. Deeply committed.

We've all led marketing and sales teams at the biggest companies. This means we act as partners, not consultants, and we don't stop until we get the right answers for your business. We passionately believe in our approach, which comes from years of experience at the highest levels. Our ideas and insight have a real impact.

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What our clients say about us

They value us as partners

We've made more progress in the last 2 days than we did in the last 18 months

Great people, real service, easy to work with; feel like an extension of your team but they're happy to challenge.

The quality of the work, quick turnaround, challenging on thinking and great communication mean it's very easy to work with you guys.

The launch exceeded our high expectations, and we beat our sales, market share and customer satisfaction targets!

It's the people that make us different

We each have at least ten years' experience at the highest levels. Our ideas don't just look good on paper; they get things done.

Andrew Watson

Andrew Watson

Managing Director

I have worked in marketing and sales for over 20 years, first with Unilever managing brands including Persil, OMO and Dove before joining OxfordSM 10 years ago. I have consulted a wide range of companies including GSK, Unilever, Novartis, Vodafone and Marks & Spencer on subjects ranging from organisational capability development to innovation, brand strategy and launch excellence.

Laurie Morgan

Laurie Morgan

Partner, Business Building Director

I have been helping businesses and people grow for almost 30 years… half in commercial roles and half as a consultant for OxfordSM across all sectors. I started my Career at P&G and PepsiCo Canada. I then became a services expert with leadership roles on the Board of Directors at Pizza Hut UK, McDonalds UK&I, Costa Coffee Worldwide and a Start-up. I have a passion for cappuccino and people so, let’s talk about how you can build your business and your teams over coffee!

Peter Kirkby

Peter Kirkby

Capability Practice Lead

I look after our capability practice. I've spent about 17 years in capability on both the client and consulting sides, and have made most of the mistakes in the book so others don't have to! Started with P&G, and joined OxfordSM 3 years ago from GSK where I was VP for Global Marketing Excellence


Offensive Marketing

Offensive Marketing: An Action Guide to Gaining the Offensive in Business

Offensive Marketing is the best source for competitive executives who are serious about strengthening their marketing skills and producing new outcomes. The authors bring the acclaimed POISE (Profitable, Offensive, Integrated, Strategic, Effectively Executed) framework to a North American audience.

Even More Offensive Marketing

Even More Offensive Marketing

This book is a substantially revised edition of Davidson's previous book, Offensive Marketing, and shows how to achieve tomorrow's best practice today, and how to make your competitors followers.

The Committed Enterprise

The Committed Enterprise

It is easier to describe vision and values than implement them. However this updated paperback edition of The Committed Enterprise shows how to achieve success by understanding the needs of stakeholders and maximising them.

Social Media Strategy

The Financial Times Guide to Social Media Strategy

Despite 80% of business leaders thinking it important to make the most of social media, 70% admitted that their efforts are currently ineffective - CMI SURVEY. The FT Guide to Social Media Strategy will help you understand how social media works, how to use it to build your networks and deliver business growth.


Loose: The Future of Business is Letting Go

The way we do business has to change. One of the greatest weaknesses of many organisations is the delusion of being in control. The future is loose - loose organisations, loose management styles and loose ways of working. Author Martin Thomas describes how more open ways of thinking and operating are beginning to pervade even the largest and most complex institutions, from global corporations to government departments.

Crowd Surfing

Crowd Surfing: Surviving and Thriving in the Age of Consumer Empowerment

The way people buy has gone through a massive revolution in recent years: thanks to blogs, review sites and chat rooms, we no longer have to rely on what a company says about its products and services - we can read what our fellow consumers think about what they've bought, and make our own decisions bearing those views in minds. The result? Empowered customers who know exactly what they want and who can now explore many ways to get it.

The Contagious Commandments

The Contagious Commandments - Ten Steps To Brand Bravery

Contagion may alarm doctors but marketers thrive on it. Some concepts are so compelling you have to share them. But what makes an idea so infectious you can't keep it to yourself? And how can brands produce these kinds of ideas intentionally rather than by chance?

Recent Awards

We've entered five awards with clients in the last two to three years and are delighted to have been successful in each.

Best use of blended learning

Two awards for the blended learning design and impact of the global marketing academy with Vodafone, covering new joiners through to leaders.  Learning Technologies Awards and Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards

Best use of virtual classrooms

Recognition for our approach to launching and embedding the new Bayer marketing way entirely through virtual classrooms

Learning game

Singled-out for helping people understand a complex subject through an innovative but low budget on-line game, which was woven into a face-to-face workshop

Brand of the Year

The World Branding Awards - best blended learning

Our Partners

We enjoy a number of important partnerships and these help us deliver the very best solutions for our clients.


Experts in making brands braver, and the global authority on the intersection of marketing communications, consumer culture and emerging technology.


The UK’s leading Performance Management Agency.  Working for Lloyds in Campaign Effectiveness and Media strategy. Advisers on MartTek. Authors of ISBA Media 2020.

Media Sense
Learning Age Solutions

An award-winning tech company that designs creative and innovative blended-learning solutions.

Stack I/O

Stack I/O is an advertising and marketing technology consultancy focused on helping brands realise the value of data-driven, technology enabled marketing ecosystem.

Quantum Steps

Experts in understanding people leading the way in behavioural insight and how it applies to commercial settings.

Quantum Steps Logo

One of the world's leading neuro-research companies, using a unique technology to measure how the brain responds to different types of communication.

Neuro Insights

Our History

Hugh Davidson co-founded OxfordSM in 1987. He led the consulting team for 10 years as well as writing best-selling business books, including Offensive Marketing and The Committed Enterprise.

Hugh Davidson

His approach has always been low on theory and high on actionable insight. In other words: making things happen. His thinking underpins much of what we do.

After selling the business to the current management team, Hugh, with his wife Sandra, invested the proceeds in a charitable trust – this applies these same principles to joint ventures with Oxfam and Save the Children.

These innovative projects focus on building the capabilities of very poor women and girls in Asia. Several of these projects have won major global prizes, including the UN Equator Award and the Save the Children Phoenix Award.