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We believe businesses thrive when people thrive.

We combine capability and strategy to help client teams thrive, find and grow happier customers, and deliver profitable growth.

How we work

“Totally on our side”

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At Oxford we partner with businesses to create the conditions for teams to thrive, help focus them on the moments that matter to customers and which levers to pull for profitable growth.

“Totally on ‘our side’ - focused on what’s right for us rather than having an agenda - hugely refreshing and rare in consultants”

We’re a diverse network of about 100 who left senior roles in the corporate world to work with clients who’ve got interesting challenges. We’re known for being able to get to the heart of the problem, tell it how it is, and develop simple solutions that stick.

“You gave us what we actually needed, and not just what we asked for.”

How we work

We work in

Consumer goods

Consumer goods organisations face a constantly shifting, challenging environment with the revolution in media and changing expectations from consumers. A new success model is needed.

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Pharma markets are changing at an unprecedented pace, with increased R&D spend and application of technological advances and an evolving patient mindset towards healthcare.

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Consumer healthcare

Growing consumer needs for specific health solutions, together with increasing opportunities for solutions to span from product to service, mean that consumer healthcare companies need to innovate and build experiences like never before.

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It’s no secret that the retail environment has evolved rapidly over the last ten years and will continue to do so over the next ten - with sales, margin and footfall down across multiple sectors.

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The landscape of this sector is being redefined every few weeks, due to the phenomenal rate of innovation, new disruptive brand entries and propositions, entering the lives of people every day.

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Not for profit

We want to support B Corp organisations, to help them thrive and grow. Especially now, and especially those struggling with how to exit from the impact of lockdown, or those working to support those disadvantaged by structural racism and social injustice.

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