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We understand the challenges

Growth is already hard to find, even without the internal challenges that make this even harder and slower.

Things are too complex; the voice of the consumer, shopper and customer aren’t strong enough; there are entrenched silos instead of collaboration around a common goal; there’s no shared view on what great looks like; the thinking is too short-term; there’s too much analysis and not enough creative bravery.

The skill is working out the 20% that’s going to make 80% of the difference.

So this is what we do

We help answer four questions. Do we:

  • 1. Know where we're going?
  • 2. Know how to work together to get there?
  • 3. Have the capability to deliver?
  • 4. Perform as a team?

In our experience, the answers to these questions help teams thrive and drive growth. And we’ve got well proven, simple, joined-up approaches to tackle each of these questions depending on where the need is.

With these sorts of clients

On these kind of projects

Know where we’re going

  • Helping an organisation define and live its purpose as one team from the board to the front line
  • Creating purposeful brands and embedding the sustainability agenda into how the organisation works

Know how to work together to get there

  • Defining the role of a new customer experience team, the experience they want to deliver and the strategy to do it
  • Organising for digital integration and more flexible, responsive ways of working
  • Defining the design principles, structural implications and recommendations for a commercial team operating cross-functionally where ways of working weren’t working!

Have the capability to deliver

  • A complete re-imagining and future-proofing of a flagship global marketing capability programme
  • Identifying the handful of future-facing competencies to step change what commercial teams deliver
  • Simplifying brand and commercial planning processes to think genuinely cross-functionally, and delivering this through live action with the consumer and shopper experience at the heart
  • Developing brand positioning for c.15 local brands and the creative excellence culture for these to flourish
  • Embedding strategic revenue management to improve profitability and pricing strategy

Perform as a team

  • Coaching to accelerate a new, highly visible global commercial team from forming to performing
  • Breaking down silos in a leadership team by moving from ‘me’ to ‘we’ and delivering shared goals

Led by these type of people

Carol Garbutt

Purpose practice lead

Meet Carol

Peter Kirkby

Capability practice lead

Meet Peter

Tom Dalton

Packaged goods lead

Meet Tom

Jo Ryman

Organisational development lead

Meet Jo

Richard Saunders

Commercial practice lead

Meet Richard

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