Laurie Morgan


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Consumer Health & Nutrition
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Business transformation

Good growth for people, planet and profit

Brand growth strategy

Building purposeful brands

Branded experience definition

Innovation and creativity

Annual growth planning

Engagement strategy and roadmaps

Collaboration and co-creation 

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I am on a mission to deliver good growth: My passion is supporting purposeful businesses and brands. So, I work with great people on big ideas that are good for profit and the planet. To drive true transformation, I put change theory at the heart of what we do.

What’s my ‘thing’? Joy. Let’s build businesses boldly together and enjoy the journey.

I've had the privilege of working with P&G Canada, PepsiCo and as a board Director in roles at Oxford, Pizza Hut, Costa Coffee and McDonald’s (VP Marketing UKI).

When I’m not working, I parent 4 kids, run, barefoot water-ski and enjoy a catch up over cappuccino.