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We’re in this together: what we can learn from the local soup kitchen

18th December, 2018

Morristown Soup Kitchen Header

Tackling a business problem isn’t usually easy. It takes expertise, years of practice, and most often needs someone with an outsider’s perspective to really see what’s going on. But so often when consultants are brought in, we’re left with that ‘they borrow our watch to tell us the time’ feeling.

Our work with the Morristown Community Outreach and Kitchen had immediate impact.

We put our heads down and did what we always do. Using the skill set we use every day, we met, listened and talked to all involved. From volunteers, Morristown residents, business owners, employees, high dollar donors and other local community organizations, to hospitals and housing associations, we started to piece together the puzzle.

We worked the food line, unpacked and packed fresh produce for market days, and got stuck in. We even helped to reassess the flow of people in the hall to make it feel more communal and welcoming. Our life experiences, expertise and skill fused with the passion, energy and commitment at every meeting we had together.

It was this human energy which defined the way forward. We took our cue from the genuine passion for helping those in need, and then we connected on a human level as a team.

The Morristown Community Kitchen and Outreach Center is a warm home from home where anyone can come for help. People are never turned away. No judgement. Guests are accompanied to every difficult appointment, they have an advocate and aren’t left alone until they’re back on their feet.

Inspired by this openness and humanity, it’s became our usual way of working together.

When we work with you, we’re in this together.

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