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How a portfolio brings added value to Pharma

5th September, 2019

By Mary Deboos

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In technology industries, the companies that develop and sell brands are usually well known: think Apple or Samsung.

The same is true for the car industry; we refer to a BMW 5 series or a Nissan Leaf. We are aware that any one manufacturer has a range of products, and is likely to have one particularly suited to our own individual needs. We know what the company brand is, and what it stands for.

However, given the regulations for promoting to consumers in the Pharma industry, the company behind a range of pharmacological therapies is often less well known.

This creates a particular challenge when trying to understand and quantify the added value having a portfolio of brands treating one specific disease brings to a company.

Naming restrictions mean it is difficult to connect the portfolio in an obvious way through brand names, and most territories still limit the way a product range can be promoted to patients.

So where is the real value of portfolio level activity and a portfolio approach?

We think there are 3 ways a portfolio brings value to customers beyond the brands alone:

Developing strong, enduring relationships:

Nurturing real empathy and understanding:

Treating the untreated:

These are all ways to improve outcomes for patients and physicians, and they also increase sales for the manufacturer.

Perhaps more importantly, they increase the equity of the company in the eyes of their customers, building trust and loyalty.

The question we asked ourselves is whether you have to have a portfolio of products, or can you apply these principles even when you only have one product?

Would this result in bolder visions for brands and for patient outcomes?

We believe it would.

If you’d like to talk, and want to explore the possibilities for your brand, whether it be part of a portfolio or not, please do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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