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Clinical Thought Leaders have feelings too

29th July, 2019

By Mary Deboos

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The Pharma industry works with Clinical Thought Leaders to understand remaining unmet needs, analyse data, and design and develop new drugs and new clinical trials.

Their first-hand experience and wealth of knowledge is vital to drug development.

However, we believe they also have the potential to uncover a host of emotional insight about treating a particular condition and the hurdles and challenges to achieving the best possible outcomes for patients.

In addition to their expertise in rational and data driven thinking, we’ve found that, presented with a real challenge in the right environment, they are amazingly able to channel their knowledge to create new, emotional insights.

Here’s how.

First, explain the theory, why are insights important?

Then focus on a challenge that resonates with their experience

Is it about the right diagnosis, sub-optimal treatment, getting the right market access? It must be a challenge that they can relate to. The more difficult and long-standing the challenge, the more interest they are likely to have in finding solutions.

Create the right environment

Uncovering emotional insights is more of an art than a science but here are a few ways we think you can create the right environment:

Finally, make sure you are prepared to do something with the results and provide feedback

If you have some challenging problems and would like help to work with your Thought Leaders to get to the real issues, please get in touch.

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