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OxfordSM is now a Certified B Corporation

2nd April, 2020

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We’ve joined a growing community of purpose driven organisations who believe that business should be a force for good, and that it should put people first. We’re committed to working hard for all our stakeholders: our staff, our associates, our business partners, and our clients.

Now more than ever, our interdependence on each other is clear, and so we strive to minimise our impact on the environment. We do this through the way we work virtually to deliver strategic solutions and capability by investing in the tools and skills to make virtual meeting, collaboration and training even better than being there. And as a result we achieve a zero carbon footprint.

We know that when their people thrive, then businesses thrive. So we want to create environments where teams and individuals can be their very best, and deliver transformational business results. We want to share this knowledge and know-how with likeminded clients, and organisations who are committed to making a difference.

Hard, testing times bring out the best in us all. We’re already seeing new attitudes, new creativity, and different ways of working through this current crisis, that will outlast it. Being part of the B Corp community gives us confidence that this will accelerate the trend to deliver a better world for future generations.


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