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May 12, 2023 10:17:17 AM

Sustaining engagement and impact in a virtual environment

A global CMO client recently reflected that:

"Being so virtual for so long is making it harder to get initiatives to stick in the organisation and more difficult to create the quality of plans we need."
Chief Marketing Officer

Global Client


Lots has worked surprisingly well virtually, but sustaining engagement and impact feels harder, more complicated, less fluid than when face-to-face was the norm.

And there’s no question of things just going back to where they were.

Even when we can get back together properly, virtual working and learning will be a far bigger and permanent part of the mix. There’ll be a real interdependence between the physical and the virtual, and in a good way rather than bad.

The temporary ‘plasters’ that we’ve made work need a more permanent and systemic fix.

We think we’ve got something that can help - a flexible platform that helps collaboration and learning, for small programs or large, which we call OxfordLIVE.

OxfordLIVE is a one stop shop for:

  1. Co-creating things like global / local growth strategy and plans
  2. Blended learning
  3. The resources people need, when they need them

OxfordLIVE combines our expertise in cracking marketing and sales challenges with a learning system powered by industry leader CrossKnowledge, the most awarded system at the 2020 global Brandon Hall Awards.

What makes OxfordLIVE different is the:

  • Combination of live facilitation and coaching with social and self-learning
  • Flexibility in the creation of working or learning pathways - no fixed number of ‘steps’ or interactions
  • Ability to deep link into MS Teams so it’s woven into how people are already working
  • Ease of integrating a wide mix of resources - video, text, documents - from both internal and external sources (e.g. TED)
  • Granularity of the tracking and measurement to give rich insight for engagement and course correction
  • Access to a curated library of soft skills from leadership, to empathy and negotiation skills

And the reason we we’re finding it works for the impact people are looking for is because it delivers ‘blended working’ - putting help and learning straight into the daily workflow.

For those sitting centrally who have to coordinate the delivery of programs, this can help automate the engagement. It’ll also work with any existing platform you have.

We started the OxfordLIVE journey with our partners CrossKnowledge well before COVID hit since we saw the difference it could make. What we hadn’t expected through COVID was that collaborating and delivering virtually could sometimes have more impact than face-to-face.

“We're getting better quality output and faster.”
Australian MD

So in a world where the physical and the virtual will be far more interdependent, platforms like OxfordLIVE are perhaps less about ‘new normal’ and more about ‘new better’.

To find out more about how OxfordLive can help with your strategy, planning and capability challenges, please get in touch. We'd love to talk.

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