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Gaurav Sanganee

Gaurav Sanganee 2022

Digital transformations are everywhere we look right now, and it gives me great pleasure to be able to support organizations and individuals on this transformation journey in an area as vital as healthcare.

The most important part of any transformation is the people. I have had the pleasure of working with some fantastic people within the digital space while helping others make the most of technology platforms they already have. I have a passion for marrying up the use of cutting-edge technology with real world applications that help to not only educate but help change patient outcomes

Having spent time in local, regional and global project lead roles for several of the top 20 Pharma companies, I can truly say that no two days are the same with the ever-changing landscape, but everyday is exciting and full of potential to do things differently, especially here at Oxford

When I am not working, I am supporting a variety of social enterprise causes, a topic close to my heart, or you will find me with my young family taking walks in the local parks or failing miserably at school art projects

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"The most important part of any transformation is the people"